Our Mission...

We hold a belief that climbing is an intuitive aspect of human nature that can connect us to the land we inhabit. This connection precedes the industry and history that has rendered climbing culturally and financially inaccessible to many. Balancing Acts is a program working to build community through free outdoor rock climbing workshops for groups who have not had visibility and have been historically marginalized from the sport.

Our mission is to provide access to equipment, transportation, and community-building opportunities through our outdoor bouldering program, with an emphasis on supporting and uplifting 2SLGBTQA+ & Indigenous, Black, and POC individuals.

The act of climbing is an individual pursuit nurtured and facilitated through a group’s support; there is a unifying connection people feel when they go climbing together, it can be healing, grounding and should be shared.

How it works...

During the drier months of the year, we host bi-monthly events for all to come try rock climbing in a free and safe manner, these events include access to equipment, transportation, knowledge and most importantly community.

Into the winter we host a bi-monthly event called “board meetings” which is an informal workshop that Is open to all with an emphasis on beginners/intermediate’s. Come socialize, meet others in the community and play around on our own climbing board wall.


on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam First Nations known as “Vancouver”. Our events happen around the lower mainland and extending up into the squamish area.


Typically between the months of April-October. During the winter we host indoor events at Alterior Design (1739 Venables Hall)
Check our calendar for specific dates.


Hi, I’m Benjamin Fenton, @rocks.ca to most. I grew up in a family of rock climbers, it’s in my blood, it’s even in my name (my middle name is Stone). From a young age I was training in climbing gyms and on boulders, I have experienced it all from competing on the world stage to camping in the middle of nowhere. Coming out of my adolescence I took a several year hiatus from rock climbing due to burn out from the nature of being a competive youth and the culture at the time.

Through some time away from the sport I found skateboarding to be a personal outlet through which i have met so many uniquely talented people, many of which are working hard to create a more inclusive and supportive culture within their community. These people have helped me reflect on my own privileges and inspired me to take action to uplift others through what I know best.

With a recent renewal of my love for climbing and a deeper understanding of the privileges that I have been innately granted in my skin, I feel it is necessary to do what I can to help uplift the voices in climbing I care most for.

Balancing acts_ couldn’t be what it is without key figures in our community giving constant input and feedback on how we can continually uplift and highlight marginalized voices. These Individuals aren’t given enough praise for the constant work and weight they are doing.

For that I want to give thanks to:

Dallas + Cole Chreptyk, Jeremy Nan, Darius, Tadros Eyob, Aisha Ma, Jess Sung, Charlie Hodges, Dustin Henry, Sydney Allen-Ash, , Ryme Lahcene, and Jack Walker.

This progam could never support so many people and serve a community without the constant engagement and input from you all. I Benjamin Fenton could never do what I’m doing without you all, I appreciate you all so much